Be Aware of Parking RestrictionsCranberry Township has been issuing parking tickets on our residential streets: Observe "No On-Street Parking" signs Our streets are designated and marked for no on-street parking.  Exceptions can be made, by request.

Take note of the signage in our neighborhood and alert visitors to park in your driveway, or, if you're expecting lots of guests, request on-street parking permission from the Township by contacting the Police Department at 724-776-5180, option 7, with information about when and where your event will be held. Your name, address, requested dates, and phone number are required to process the request.

If your request is approved, please follow these guidelines:
1.     Vehicles can only park on one side of the street facing the proper direction.
2.     Emergency vehicles must be allowed to safely travel the streets.
3.     Parked vehicles must not block driveways, cross streets, fire hydrants, mailboxes or interfere with trash collection.
4.     No on-street parking is permitted if there is imminent snow or ice accumulation.
5.     Parking will not be permitted for more than 3 consecutive days.
On-street parking for commercial vehicles is prohibited

Following is a brief recap of some of our more significant projects over the past few years:

*Mailbox Replacement Program.  We commenced our mailbox replacement program in 2014 and continued it in 2015, and have replaced nearly one-half of our mailboxes with new upgraded mailboxes through the program.  The cost of the new mailboxes was partially funded by the homeowners and the association.
* Website and Resident Directory. We launched our Homeowners’ Association website in 2013. We post our current financial information to the website, together with our covenants, by-laws and the forms required for exterior alterations. The website also includes a resident directory accessible under the “Association” “Directory” tabs of the website, which can be sorted by name or address. Also, to find a babysitter or petsitter, check out the “Classifieds” tab of our website.
* Preserve East Sidewalk. In 2013 we added a new sidewalk on Honey Locust Drive, from D’Orsay Valley Drive to Palmate Drive.
*Preserve East Entrance Improvements. Over the past few years, we have added a sidewalk along the outbound side of D’Orsay Valley Drive to the bus stop at the Preserve East Entrance, to improve the safety and appearance of the entrance. Also, we have added a new shrubbery and perennial bed next to the bus stop. Our next phase of Preserve East entrance improvements is expected to include a further expansion of the shrubbery and perennial bed on the outbound side of the entrance.
* Cul de sac Improvement. We have accelerated our improvement of the cul de sac on Palmate Drive with the addition of shrubs and more trees in 2015.
* Preserve East and West Water & Irrigation Project. Water service was added to both of our entrances. We have also added an irrigation system to the West entrance in the Fall of 2011, which was complemented by a similar system at the East entrance in early 2012. The water service and irrigation systems are important for the appearance of our entrances and will help to preserve our shrubs, lawns and trees.
* Preserve West Entrance Improvements. A few years ago we added aggregate concrete borders and shrub beds to the main entrance area, along with perennials and plantings around the entrance signs. More recently, we have also added an additional lamppost to improve the safety and appearance of the entrance.
* New Street Signs. All of our street signs (four in the East and one in the West) were replaced.
* Snow Removal. We have a snow removal service for the common area sidewalks at both entrances.
* Common Area Maintenance. We have an ongoing fertilization and reseeding program for our common areas. This is an ongoing project to improve the appearance of our common areas.


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